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Saving the world one business card at a time

The world’s smartest networking business card is here. Replace your traditional paper business cards with an environmentally-friendly, effective and secure solution.

There’s many reasons to choose the SWIZIO smart card from cost to the environment:
Þ Environmentally friendly
Þ Military grade security
Þ COVID-19 secure
Þ Lead generation
SWIZIO enables an instant exchange of contact information. Smart cards work by tapping on the phone or scanning the QR code from the SWIZIO app. Once you tap your card on the device, your profile will open and your contact details can be saved instantly on the device.
Share your skills, social profiles, emails, phone numbers and more.

SWIZIO provides an opportunity for small and large organisations to improve on their CSR and make a bigger environmental impact. Compatible with all modern smartphones, Swizio uses NFC compatibility to store and share all your details. Moving away from paper business cards towards a more sustainable option