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With the cost of living going through the roof, we’re all keen to be as savvy as possible about expenditure. Around the home there are plenty of ways we can economise. However, many people may not be aware of the role that oils can play in this. We’re talking here about oils for your woodwork, not the sort you put in your car. Using the right oil to protect and nourish the wood surfaces in your home will not only make them look beautiful, but will result in a hardwearing effect that will increase their longevity. Longer-lasting woodwork means a lower financial outlay in the long run.

Take that kitchen table with some signs of wear and tear; or your recently bought new wood furniture; and how about the woodwork in your bathroom? If you don’t look after them properly you could end up forking out to replace them sooner than you would wish to. A Finishing Oil is ideal for these types of application to bring woodwork back to life, either to finish or refinish surfaces, and to build up a lasting and water-resistant finish. Look out for a Finishing Oil such as Liberon’s that includes both hardwearing oils and resins. A decent resin content enables protection not only against water but heat and alcohol too.

As for doors, skirting boards, other kitchen surfaces and wooden garden furniture – a good quality Danish Oil is ideal here. This type of oil achieves a superior satin gloss sheen, whilst also feeding, protecting and adding long life to both hard or soft woods. Search for one like Liberon’s with added UV filters to help protect against sunlight, which also make this oil great for protecting exposed exterior surfaces. Ideally, you want a resin content that makes it resistant to water, alcohol, heat and food acid.

Finally, think about the wood surfaces in your home most often in contact with food such as chopping boards, salad bowls and wooden kitchen work surfaces. Here you need a premium, natural Tung oil with no additives in order to seal and preserve the wood. Liberon’s Pure Tung Oil is hardwearing and provides a long-lasting matt finish. You can also use this externally on oak to help prevent black spots.

With just these three oils in your DIY toolkit you’ll have pretty much all your interior woodwork protection covered. So get oiling, and enjoy beautiful results while feeling proud of yourself for saving money in the long run!