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Sam Ryder set to earn over £10K per sponsored Instagram post after his success at Eurovision

Analysis of Influencer Marketing Calculator reveals that Sam Ryder, the UK’s representative for Eurovision can now earn up to £10,592 per sponsored Instagram after the singer came second in this years Eurovision Song Contest with his song Space Man.

A new finding by odds comparison site Odds Scanner reveals that Sam Ryder’s Instagram following also grew by 146,954 in twenty four hours on Sunday after Eurovision aired.

The Essex born singer, who rose to fame through TikTok, earned the highest position on the leader board for the UK since 1998 with his hit song Space Man. Ryder, who has close to four million followers on Instagram as of Monday 16th of May, also earns 60,427 average likes on each of his Instagram posts – contributing to the fact that he can now charge up to £10,592 per sponsored Instagram post.

A spokesperson for Odds Scanner commented on the findings:

“These findings highlight the enormous influence that Sam Ryder has, not only in the UK but around the world, with a single sponsored social media post earning the singer a monumental sum of money. It is a testament to the hard work from Ryder and his team that he is now a household name in the UK, despite the UK’s previous negative reputation at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Sam Ryder has been incredibly outspoken about wanting to break the stigma surrounding the UK’s lack of success at Eurovision and now he is reaping the benefits, returning from Turin with enough influence on social media to charge £10,592 per sponsored post. It will be fascinating to see what other opportunities now face Ryder after his success, whether that be in the form of record deals, brand collaborations or appearances. “