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Salford woman receives Chief Constable’s Commendation award

Greater Manchester Police’s Chief Constable has awarded a member of the public for helping to stop a young woman from taking her own life.

Samantha Platts, an airport worker from Swinton in Salford, had arrived at work to begin her shift when she spotted a woman’s legs hanging off the top floor of a multi-storey car park.

She immediately ran up the stairwell to the top floor where she found the woman sat on the edge.

Samantha slowly approached the young woman and kept her calm as a small crowd of people gathered on the ground below.

Two GMP officers then arrived at the scene and helped Samantha to talk the woman down and get her safely into a quiet room.

Samantha said: “I am so glad the outcome was a positive one for this lady and she is now receiving the help needed.

“I don’t classify myself as a hero but I am so proud I could help in this sad and difficult situation.”

The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester gives out commendations throughout the year, recognising members of the public and officers for an impressive contribution to their community.

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: “Samantha went above and beyond what is expected, gaining the trust of a young woman who was clearly distressed and undoubtedly saving her life.
“I am also extremely pleased to hear that the young woman is now receiving the help she needs.”

Brad Miller, Chief Operating Officer at Manchester Airport, said: “We’re incredibly proud of Samantha, the action she took helped to save a young woman’s life.  We feel she’s fully deserving of this award, and an inspiration to others.”