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Royal Fans Offered Unique Jubilee Keepsake Priced £20k

Each ring takes its inspiration from the life of the royal it is named after with The Prince William featuring a plain, modern design which is representative of recent plans to modernise the monarchy and get rid of stuffy formalities.

The Queen ring design pays homage to the most regal member of the Royal family with a large crown-shaped ring covered in diamonds, sapphires and rubies, to commemorate the crown jewels.

The other designs are each based on iconic looks worn by their inspirer, The Diana ring commemorates the iconic blue sapphire engagement ring given to her by Prince Charles and later passed on by her son Prince William to his bride Kate.

The Kate is a ring designed with the Duchess of Cambridge in mind and features a design inspired by the halo tiara that she wore for her marriage to Prince William in 2011.

The Prince Harry ring features an American themed design made up of red, white and blue precious stones inspired by the stars and stripes of the US flag.

The Prince Charles ring showcases the Prince of Wales feathers as a tribute to the next in line to the throne.

The Prince George ring is the smallest of the collection named in honour of the young prince, it is designed to fit an adult’s little finger.

All rings within the collection are made with the highest standard ethical materials, including lab-grown diamonds.

The seven rings can only be purchased together in one limited edition package with an eye watering price tag of £20,000.

Tim Ingle, of Ingle & Rhode, said: “We are very excited to be able to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with our very own collection of royal rings.

“We felt inspired to design seven rings each in honour of key members of the royal family and each celebrating their unique contribution to British life.

“Of course there had to be a ring named after Her Majesty the Queen herself and after 70 years on the throne there was no shortage of inspiration for its design. We settled on a beautiful design with sapphires, diamonds and rubies.

“When it comes to royal fashion icons they don’t come any bigger than the late Princess Diana and we wanted to offer a beautiful ring in her honour. I’m delighted with this particular design.

“The Duchess of Cambridge is another icon who has carved out her own niche in the royal family and we wanted the ring named in her honour to really reflect that.

“The other rings all reference those closest to Her Majesty with The Prince William ring being the simplest ring in the collection as it represents the Prince’s endeavours to appear more down to earth.

“We believe our Crown Collection offers fans of the Royal Family a unique keepsake of a truly remarkable jubilee.”