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Rotpunkt reveal latest innovations at Hausmesse 23′

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Rotpunkt, award-winning designer and manufacturer of climate friendly German Kitchen furniture, reveal its latest innovations for the year ahead following a highly successful Hausmesse 2023 from its headquarters in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

This year, visitors were specially invited to Hausmesse via the company’s newly established newsletter system, which digitally mailed each one of its customers, nationally and internationally, to come and explore the showroom. This new mailing service is new for Rotpunkt, and has been implemented to improve engagement, capture more data, and ultimately communicate directly with its audience more on all future events, product innovations and company news.

Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations at Rotpunkt says “Creative interior design solutions are the lifeblood of our industry, and as sustainable furniture evolves to meet the needs of the multigenerational home and lifestyle, we are finding the most progressive brands are leaning into a greener mindset. Helping to anchor the desire for luxurious, individual spaces in the mainstream, we have noted several emerging trends, which are focussing on wellness, ethical construction, user comfort, and emotional connection through a difference in colour, material, light and texture.”

The latest innovations by Rotpunkt, are designed to reflect the growing needs of the UK interiors market, and following in-depth market research and feedback from Hausmesse 2023, the company is pleased to share ‘3 Key Kitchen Trends’ ready to top the charts next year:

STYLE – Experimental: Consumers want the freedom to make original product choices and zero-in on an eclectic mix of contemporary materials and custom design elements. Personal expression has therefore never been more important, as homebuyers seek to put their own mark on the built environment with beautifully curated homes, which are modern and designed to serve individual needs and style choices. In 2024, sleek kitchen furniture will become less predictable thanks to a new affinity for quality raw materials that contrast or balance an overall scheme. Visual texture will be added through colour and light next year, and when introducing tactile texture, the latest wood finishes, textured stone, and metal will be favoured by difference.

Rotpunkt add 11 new colours to the range in 2024, with a focus on earthy tones like Olive Green and Midnight Blue, as well as sophisticated shades of grey and taupe. The company’s bestselling Fenix colours are also being expanded across all cabinet fronts and worktops in the same décor, and it is introducing a new glass laminate front with striking metallic finish. Due to popular demand, its Wood Unlimited Collection will be updated to include a new anti-fingerprint matte finish and new options will also be available for the popular Memory RI furniture with modern vertical grooves. In addition, rich veneers in walnut and black timber will bring contemporary style to modular furniture in the kitchen living space as the wooden kitchen enjoys a modern revival. Look out for a deluxe range of textured stone finishes to deliver contrast, especially when paired with must-have character hardware for the ultimate in style and substance.

FINISH – Refined luxe: With calm, feel-good interiors setting the tone for 2024, all fixtures and fittings are doing the heavy lifting to evoke quiet luxury. There will be a strong emphasis on high-quality handles, sophisticated integrated lighting and democratic sizing to accommodate our changing needs for storage as flexible living encompasses work, rest, study and play.

2024 will see Rotpunkt partner with edgy lifestyle brand, Buster + Punch, to offer a top-tier collection of 20 new handles to add extra glamour to doors and drawers. Added to this, the smart-enabled lighting by Rotpunkt, will also be extended to include new vertical and horizontal variants with special integrated LED light options for its space-saving Wall Panelling System, and increased cabinet widths for increased ergonomics. Personalised storage options will enhance space planning with new Drawer Solutions in solid oak to ensure every pan drawer and kitchen drawer is well-organised and clutter-free. Glass cabinets will support even greater versality when supplying state-of-the-art display storage on a vertical footprint with a new option in high fashion grey for extra urban appeal. Smooth linear style will be assured with a range of designer push-to-open handleless profiles to further elevate the contemporary vibe and inspire end users to mix and match their door and drawer technology throughout the ground floor.

CONSTRUCTION – Sustainable shopping: As global awareness of topical issues continues to impact elements of daily life; climate protection has become a key policy as ethical consumers demand greater transparency on how manufacturers’ policies and procedures are impacting on the planet. Learning more about everything from raw materials to logistics has now become part of the customer journey, as we all choose to invest in our home and lifestyle with a clear conscience.

The Rotpunkt furniture range has become even more environmentally friendly, replacing the MDF components with “BioBoard Gen2” particle board, which is made of 90% recycled wood and fulfils the “4Star” standard for air quality. It is awarded to products that are particularly low in emissions, making them healthier for you and your home.

The featured images show the following new innovations by Rotpunkt:
Top left: Illuminated Wall Solutions
Top right: Zerox HPL XT Clay Dark combined with Smala CL Black 12mm frame solid oak, and Zerox SY VER Loft Brown Oak. Also features Buster + Punch Pull Bar Handles in Brass, and Manila fully integrated LED smart lighting
Below left: Memory RI Walnut anti-fingerprint
Below right: Zerox Beach Grey with New Forest Oak Drawer Solutions