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Rolling Stones buzzed by UFO, Jo Wood reveals

Flying phenomenon was spotted in Brazil by Ronnie Wood and then wife Jo Wood

19 May 2022 – for immediate release

ROLLING stones rocker Ronnie Wood once had a close encounter with a UFO, his ex-wife has revealed.

She was speaking during a discussion on GB News about the first hearing in the US Congress on UFOs in 50 years.

Top Pentagon officials told congressional leaders that there are now nearly 400 reports from military personnel of encounters with UFOs.

Jo told GB News: “I saw a great UFO in Brazil years ago. And it was very clear it was a UFO because it just rose up and zoomed off at speeds that were unbelievable.

“And since then, I’ve been obsessed with all things alien and UFO.”

She explained: “I was packing the kids bags to go and Ronnie said there’s something weird out there.

“I went out and it was – I’d never seen anything like it. It was just so amazing.

“But now these days, people are much more accepting of it and I think people kind of just got to look up at the stars and say we cannot possibly be here alone.

“There’ll be advanced technologies way beyond our wildest imagination and there’ll be civilizations that are just starting out. There has to be by the law of averages, there has to be.”

Jo was speaking in an interview on Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel on GB News and said she was sure that contact with aliens had been made.

“Yes, I’m sure we have,” she said. “And I think what they’re letting out now is just a little bit of what they really really have.

“They must have so much information. And they must have had so many encounters, in that they’ve been doing reverse technology on crafts that crashed for years and years, since 1947…

“They’re just letting us have a little bit, you know, just a little taster to keep us all happy but there’s a lot more than we can imagine.”

She added: “For sure there is something out there because we cannot possibly be the only beings on a planet.

“We’re not that big a planet. We can’t be the only beings here, there are trillions and trillions of stars. It would be really sad if we weren’t the only ones.

“There’s definitely other lives on other planets, there’s absolutely no doubt about that.”