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Ringing the changes: Women propose new wedding trend

An increase in women asking their partners to marry them has prompted one jeweller to offer engagement rings designed especially for men.

Ingle & Rhode has launched a bespoke selection of Men’s Engagement Rings to help their female customers pop the question.

They also hope the rings will be popular with male same sex couples looking to gift one another the perfect engagement ring.

The London based jeweller says increasing numbers of women are choosing to propose marriage to their partners rather than wait for them to take the lead.

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Credit: Ingle & Rhode. Left: Yellow and White Gold Engagement Ring. Right: Diamond & Platinum Engagement Ring

Ingle & Rhode’s mens rings include items fashioned from gold and platinum with many featuring ethically sourced diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and other precious stones.

There’s something for most budgets with women able to choose from a modest ring for their man from as little as £495 or go for something more blingy up to £11,950.

Until recently engagement rings were seen as exclusively a female item of jewellery but the team at Ingle & Rhode believe the time has come for both sexes to enjoy a little engagement bling.

They have already sold several of the rings to women who were planning to propose to their partners and are confident the trend will continue to gain pace.

The jeweller offers a bespoke design service for those who wish to gift a truly unique engagement ring. Ingle & Rhode are ethical jewellers and all their items have the very highest of credentials when it comes to sourcing.

Tim Ingle, of Ingle & Rhode, said: “When it comes to proposing marriage things have changed forever. Some ladies are realising that if they want the wedding of their dreams they might be better off giving their guy a ring!

” Several of our female customers have told us they’ve gotten fed-up of waiting for the man in their life to propose so they’ve decided to seize the initiative themselves.

“Our Men’s Engagement Rings allow them to do just that – and I’m sure that any man would be delighted if the special lady in his life surprised him with one of these beautiful rings.

“Over the past couple of years we’ve had a lot of women customers coming in and asking for engagement rings. Some of them have been planning elaborate proposals including getting down on one knee with a ring box in their hands.

“It wasn’t something we really used to see but in recent times we’ve had more and more requests for engagement rings to fit a man’s finger.

“Traditionally of course engagement rings were something which men bought for women but times are changing and we certainly believe in equality of the sexes so why not have rings designed exclusively for men?”

Mr Ingle added that the new rings are popular with both male and female customers alike.

He said: “It isn’t only women who buy these rings – they are also incredibly popular with male couples planning their perfect marriage ceremony.

“We have also had men buy them for themselves at the same time as buying an engagement ring for their female partner – I guess they didn’t want to miss out.”