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Richard Hawley new album and Manchester live date

Following the recent release of Richard Hawley’s ‘Two For His Heels’ (A-listed at BBC Radio 6 Music), the first single to be taken from his forthcoming album ‘In This City They Call You Love’, today BMG release the second from the album, ‘Prism In Jeans’.

‘Prism In Jeans’ is vintage Hawley, a gorgeous song evoking his great love and well springs of inspiration of the ghostly remembered sound of transatlantic rock and roll before The Beatles ushered in the rock era.

“I love the music of that pre-Beatle era. The Tornadoes Telstar and The Shadows,” says Richard. “That kind of far-off netherworld. I’ve always loved that time whether it’s cool to or not. As a song, it’s about someone who is like a rainbow in a very confined space. A Prism in Jeans.”

The song is from the forthcoming album In This City They Call You Love, released on 31 May. The album features 12 outstanding songs, which are amongst some of the finest ballads Hawley has ever written and recorded. Sumptuous melodies and arrangements are accompanied by Hawley’s emotive and sonorous voice, which sounds better than ever, on an album that further confirms his place as one of the finest songwriters of his generation, in a hugely successful recording career approaching 25 years.

The album’s title is taken from the song ‘People’, which might well be the greatest song Hawley has written about his beloved Sheffield, the city’s proud industrial past and the enduring determination of its citizens.

“I’ve made three albums where I had the title before I’d even begun to record, where I had an agenda. One was Truelove’s Gutter. Another was Standing At The Sky’s Edge when I wanted to turn everything up and make the music a lot more aggressive, and then this one. I wanted it to be multi-coloured in a way… focusing on the voice and what voices can do together… I deliberately only played a handful of guitar solos to keep it focused on voices, the song and space…” – Richard Hawley.