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Revealing the Revving Stars: The Most Popular Cars in Mission Impossible Franchise

The Mission: Impossible franchise has featured some very impressive cameos from some well-known car brands over the years. With the latest instalment, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One in cinemas now, now is a good time to look back on the motors that have featured throughout the series.

Alfa Romeo 166 – Mission Impossible III (2006)

A beautifully stylish car, the Alfa Romeo 166 made an appearance in 2006’s Mission: Impossible III. Driven by a villain pursuing Ethan Hunt through the Italian streets, the Alfa has the performance to back up those eye-catching looks.

Though Hunt managed to outrun the 166 in the film, the model used actually tops out at 152mph, so it could have given him a real run for his money. It could prove to be a shrewd investment too, as you can still pick up variations of the Alfa Romeo 166 for a reasonable price – a future classic, maybe?

Range Rover Series IV: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

This iconic Range Rover model appeared several times in Rogue Nation. The vehicle of choice for The Syndicate, the Range Rover’s all-round capabilities make it the perfect style and substance combination. With fantastic performance both on and off the road, as well as the luxurious interior, the Series IV offers an unparalleled experience.

Driven in the movie by henchmen attached to a British intelligence operative who worked for SIS/MI6, and later goes rogue, the Range Rover is part of a group that must be taken down by Ethan Hunt and his team. The flagship of the brand, a top of the range model can set you back a considerable sum, but for a more practical choice there is an abundance of approved used Range Rover cars out there.

BMW i8 – Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)

Time to move on to a vehicle actually driven by Ethan Hunt, and where better to start than the eye-catching BMW i8. As Hunt navigated his way through Mumbai attempting to stop Hendricks from ultimately launching a nuclear missile, it’s safe to say in the i8 he stood a pretty good chance.

The car was a prototype at the time it featured in the movie, before going into production and being put on sale in 2014. Impressive in performance, the car is economical too with both petrol and electric engines powering it along.

The electric model alone can power it for around 75 miles. Styling wise, the sleek looks are complimented by dihedral doors. It makes for not only a stylish entrance, but also a practical one, as they can open fully in tighter spaces than a conventional door.

With over a decade since the appearance in Ghost Protocol, the i8 is still available, with a list price of just under £67,000. A big outlay, but you’ll look like Ethan Hunt, right?

Lamborghini Gallardo -[SA1] Mission Impossible: III (2006)

One of the real big hitters to feature in the franchise, the Lamborghini Gallardo is a model sure to grab the attention wherever it goes. Not content with limiting the model’s role to the film, upon the Mission: Impossible III release in Rome, the cast would arrive at the premiere in a fleet of Lamborghinis. Quite the arrival, and quite the price tag, with a new Gallardo in 2006 setting you back a cool £135,000.

With its burnt orange paint, it was backed up by breathtaking performance and a top speed a smidge under 200mph. Its looks and speed made sure the Gallardo wasn’t one to blend in, but unfortunately it had rather a grisly end in the film.

Used by Hunt as a distraction tool, the car was blown up once the job was done. A sad ending for one of the most in-demand supercars, and one less on the market for you to get your hands on.

Cars have long been a feature of the Mission: Impossible films, and the latest in the series, Dead Reckoning Part One, is no exception. Not to make any spoilers, one of the features in the newest film is a BMW 5 Series, so one that you could get your hands on too.

Not forgetting the classics, the other car in the chase is a vintage Fiat 500. The quirky little Italian car is at home on the streets of Rome, although, it remains to be seen how it will cope with a car chase. Either way, car chases are sure to be a big part of the franchise’s latest instalment.