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Revealed: The Industries You Need a Background Check To Work In

Revealed: The Industries You Need a Background Check To Work In

Employee background check experts Credence break down the industries which require security checks
The report also reveals which checks are required for popular job roles
When it comes to getting a new job, it can be a minefield to know what checks you’ll need to complete and what the processes will entail. The below, from experts Credence, breaks down the different checks needed for popular careers, and what they require.

DBS checks

Any employer can DBS check you before hiring you for a role. A basic DBS check looks for unspent criminal convictions, and a standard DBS check is a thorough criminal record check, including both spent and unspent criminal convictions. The latter is the standard required for careers in the legal, financial I ndustries and other positions of high responsibility.

An enhanced DBS check is required when working with children and vulnerable adults, so is necessary for working environments such as teaching, children’s hospitals, care homes and fostering. This enhanced check goes into more depth than the standard DBS, including a check of the barred list and the Adult first list, ensuring the candidate is not barred from working with vulnerable groups.

Education and professional/technical memberships

Education checks are conducted on candidates who have applied for roles which require a certain education or membership status, for example, accountancy qualifications. They check the authenticity of the qualification and the grades achieved.

Directorship Checks

The Directorship check investigates both current and past directorships along with highlighting if a candidate has held any previous disqualifications or is currently barred from being a director. This is for candidates who will have a significant influence and able to make high risk financial and strategic decisions.

Occupational Health Checks

Occupational health checks ensure you are medically up to doing the job you’re applying to do. This is required for roles involving heavy machinery, lifting, heat workers and those working at heights.

FCA Checks

The FCA, or Financial Conduct Authority, is a regulating body which requires every financial firm and individual to be registered and checked before the can operate. If you’re looking for a role in finance, you may need to be screened to the FCA’s standards.

BPSS Checks

BPSS stands for Baseline Personnel Security Standard, and the check is meant to strengthen national security by pre-screening employees. This includes checking your right to work in the UK, your criminal records, your employment history, and whether you have ever lived abroad.

This check is a standard requirement for all government roles, as well as the energy and finance sector. It is a requirement in any role where you might be exposed to sensitive information, such as contracts or security codes.

Driving Licence Checks

Driving licence or DVLA checks ensure you have a valid UK driving licence. This is necessary to work in any role in which driving is required, for example paramedics, truck and taxi drivers.