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Revealed: Mojito is the nation’s favourite summer cocktail according to Google search data

A new study has revealed that the Mojito is the UK’s favourite summer cocktail.

The research by professional kitchen suppliers Maxima Kitchen Equipment analysed Google search data to find out the nation’s favourite cocktail to make at home during summer.

It revealed that the Mojito is the most popular with a 91,600 Google searches each month. The Cuban drink that combines zesty lime and mint has few ingredients making it an easy cocktail to create at home.

The Piña Colada came in second with 89,150 searches. The cocktail that contains three ingredients – coconut cream, white rum and pineapple juice – makes it an incredibly affordable cocktail in comparison to many.

The third most popular cocktail to make at home, Espresso Martini, was searched on average 82,700 times. The refreshing and energising cocktail is perfect for a long summer evening. In Britain, people drink around 95 million cups of coffee per day, so it is hardly a surprise that the alcoholic alternative to coffee is also hugely popular.

The fourth most popular cocktail was Sex on the Beach. The cocktail that combines cranberry, orange and peach flavours was searched 82,200 times a month in the UK.

The Pornstar Martini, which ranked as the fifth most searched for cocktail to make at home, was reportedly the most ordered cocktail in bars before the UK lockdown. The passion-fruit infused cocktail was searched 77,550 times a month, reflecting its popularity in bars.

During the pandemic, the industry growth of pubs and bars in the UK has decreased by 69.5% meaning the interest in homemade cocktails has risen dramatically.

However, over the lockdown period, sales in home kitchenware rose by 41% as the UK public looked to recreate their favourite food and drink at home whilst pubs and restaurants were closed.

A spokesperson from Maxima Kitchen Equipment commented ‘The cocktail industry has grown more and more profitable over recent years however, these search numbers are bigger than anticipated, suggesting that cocktails are now a staple of British culture regardless of if they are consumed at home or at bars.’