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PUPDATE: Dream competition offers you the chance to welcome puppies into your next virtual meeting!

Over the last 12 months, there has been a 140% increase in the search query “buy a puppy near me” and a 130% increase in the search query “adopt a puppy UK”; indicating that the demand for puppies and dogs has seen a significant increase.

Whilst it seems many lucky households welcomed new puppies into their lives over the last year, for all of you out there that weren’t so lucky, PowWowNow are here to offer the next best thing… ‘Puppy Calls’! A certified way of making your friends incredibly jealous of your next virtual meeting.

Video conference call provider PowWowNow, have launched a new competition, the ‘Puppy calls,’ giving people the chance to welcome a puppy to their next virtual meeting for FREE! All you need to do is apply on the website and keep those fingers crossed.

To bring the puppy calls, to life, PowWowNow have teamed up with reputable puppy therapists Paws in Work, who will bring along a puppy to the meeting, meaning virtual meetings just got a whole lot better (but maybe less productive!).

Commenting on the Puppy Calls, a spokesperson from PowWowNow has said: “To break up the monotony of working from home, we want to bring a little fun to people’s virtual business meeting. That’s why we’ve launched the puppy calls. We all know that dogs are man’s best friend so thought it would be a great way to make working from home more enjoyable.”