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Propertymark calls for sensible planning reform to tackle Scotland’s housing crisis

The news comes as a YouGov poll conducted for the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations discovered that eight in 10 Scots say the nation is suffering from a housing crisis, while a third of Scots said that housing was the most vital issue facing the country, behind the economy and health.

79 per cent said there is an inadequate number of affordable homes.

On a separate note, 51 per cent of participants said they were not certain they could find another property.

Deputy First Minister Shona Robinson has stated housing will be her ‘number one priority’ if money becomes available in the upcoming housing budget.

Nathan Emerson, CEO at Propertymark, said:

“It is vital we promote frank conversation regarding housing demand across Scotland. We need sensible planning that considers demand for not just here and now but be constantly forward planning for at least 25 years ahead.

“Recent data from the Scottish Government’s Housing Statistics Report indicated that the number of all-sector newbuilds decreased between September 2022 and September 2023 – so great emphasis must be placed to ensure this does not ever become a long-term trend.

“We must acknowledge that safe, affordable housing is the base foundation for every community, there can be no room for error on achieving a robust supply of homes that firmly meets demand.”