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Premier League grounds person reveals how to get the PERFECT striped football pitch lawn at home

With 18 years of experience in the Sports Turf Industry, James Williams has revealed his top tips on how to get the perfect striped football pitch lawn at home.

James Williams comments, “With regards to how to get the perfect striped football pitch lawn at home, the stripes come from the direction the grass is rolled or brushed and have nothing to do with the height of the grass.

“When cutting your lawn try not to cut too much at once as it causes stress to the grass plant. I would advise taking the height down gradually rather than all at once.

“In terms of my tips for getting the perfect pitch lawn at home, my suggestion would be to use a tight string line for cutting instead of doing it by eye – this will give you the base to create your striped lawn.

“After you’ve cut your lawn, use either a roller or brush to create the perfect stripe pattern – be sure to go in alternate directions to get the perfect stripe.”

How often should homeowners be cutting their lawn?
When asked how often homeowners should be cutting their lawns, James said the number of times grass needs cutting is dependent on two factors:

The amount of fertiliser used
The time of year in terms of temperature and sunlight levels.

James said: “On average, with regards to how often homeowners should be looking to cut their grass, once a week would be ample, especially at this time of year.

“If you’re looking to slow down the growth of your lawn, consider using a growth regulator – this will mean you won’t have to cut your grass as often.”