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This Veganuary, plant-based meat brand, THIS™, is boldly offering a money back guarantee to Brits who think its products aren’t meaty enough.

The pioneering offer aims to give meat-eating Brits who have never tried plant-based alternatives or are attempting Veganuary, a helping hand. Latest research from the business suggests almost half (46%) of Brits are looking to reduce their meat consumption from January[1].

No other plant-based brand has attempted such a redemption and
THIS™ is hoping it gives Brits every fighting chance for Veganuary 2022. The offer removes the cost commitment of trying something for the first time. It also shows just how far the plant-based movement has come; THIS™ has total conviction in the taste and texture of its products and is confident meat eaters won’t be able to tell the difference.

The offer is available to Brits who have purchased any of its range, which includes best sellers such as THIS™ Isn’t Bacon, THIS™ Isn’t Pork Sausages and THIS™ Isn’t Chicken. The purchase must be from any major retail stockist nationwide (Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Morrisons). All you have to do is visit the redemption section of the brand’s website and complete the form with the receipt. Simples.

Andy Shovel, Co-Founder of THIS™ says; ‘We recently fooled a fourth-generation pig farmer into thinking our sausages were real pork. If we can get them on board we’re confident we can convince the meat-loving masses.’

THIS™ is a leading plant-based meat brand, launched by ex-meat fanatics Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman. It uses pea protein, soya and vegetable fibres to create a hyper-realistic plant-based meat, meaning meat-eaters attempting Veganuary can enjoy their favourite food without any sacrifices. THIS™ has a world class innovation team, which has doubled in the last year, making its now patented products. And it’s paying off, THIS™ has managed to fool over 7000 people on camera into thinking their products are meat, from an entire Italian food show to high profile influencers. It is on a mission to make plant-based meat for meat lovers, without compromise on taste, texture or appearance.