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Phoebe Bridgers meets her match with Anyone’s Ghost’s “Molotov”

“This EP feels like mist, it feels like mourning and solemnity, the heaviness of coming to your own thoughts at the end of the day, and yet it feels like escape. Poetic and unrelenting in its beauty and haunting I know this EP is one I will return to time and time again,” – @wherearethegirlbands review of ‘A Good Winter in June”

“A Good Winter in June may be a record made for the colder months, but listening to it at the peak of summer, I felt completely absorbed into its own universe, transfixed by this marvel of an EP. Anyone’s Ghost make an incredibly bold statement with this sublime record. Like all good ghost stories, it lingers in the memory long after it ends, and invites you back for more.” – QSO Media

“From the piano chords, Anyone’s Ghost’s ethereal vocals draw listeners into a contemplative soundscape. The delicate instrumentation alongside the haunting vocal delivery, creates an understated yet powerful atmosphere” – The Indiependent’s review of ‘More Than I Care to Admit’
Anyone’s Ghost came to fruition as a project following Wanda Roslyn performing as a solo artist on Manchester’ folk acoustic scene met Michael Webster (of Bread Records) in 2020. The musical partnership blossomed, and the addition of Max Macmillian was a natural move as he became integral to the performance process in 2022.

Anyone’s Ghost is: Wanda Roslyn (writer, vocal, guitar, keys), with the accompaniment of live/studio band members Michael Webster (vocals, guitar, production) and Max Macmillan (guitar, keys, vocals).

Following on from May’s release, ‘More Than I Care To Admit’ Anyone’s Ghost (Wanda Roslyn) continues to expose her more vulnerable side with evocative and heavily emotive lyricism. Taken from her upcoming full-length album “Necromancer”, Wanda steps away from the more electronic, ghostly stylings of her earlier works to deliver a softer, more atmospheric sound.

Her latest exploration into eerie soundscapes culminates in her latest release ‘Molotov’. Recorded in Bread Records’ home studio and produce by Michael Webster, the track features lent piano work from angular, Manchester-based musician Scatterchild, and Mac Macmillan.

Opening with haunting guitar lines reminiscent of Elliot Smith cuts, Wanda’s lush vocals softly wash over to create a blissful, light soundscape. In a cut that wouldn’t find itself out-of-place amongst Phoebe Bridgers’ back-catalogue, the lush pennings of the Mancunian-based singer-songwriter staples itself as one of her most mature releases to date. Influences from Taylor Swift, Adrianne Lenker and Bon Iver can be overtly detected throughout.

‘Molotov’ delves into a narrative of jealousy and resentment, the overwhelming heartache of which can be heard in Wanda’s soft, crooning vocals. The track details and unfolds the feeling of loving someone so much, that you’d be willing to hurt them to maintain the closeness and relationship with them. Ultimately, having so much longing in your life that pain might be the best and only way of projecting it.

The release of Anyone’s Ghost’s EP back in 2021 gained over 20,000 streams on Spotify alone and was covered in magazines, featuring on many best of 2021 lists, and creating a connection with fans around the world. With T-shirts and tapes sold in locations ranging from the local Manchester area to overseas in the US & Australia. The explosion generated by Wanda’s music has established Bread Records as a label to watch for exciting and unique artists.

Bread Records have been working across the last few years hosting gigs, putting out releases and promoting new artists. With even more planned for 2023, the label is becoming a cornerstone of the Manchester music scene.

‘Molotov’ offers itself as an insatiable teaser for Wanda’s upcoming full-length release, the hotly anticipated “Necromancer”, out late next month.

Live Dates:
Band on The Wall, Manchester – July 20th