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Capturing the perfect photo for Instagram is not easy when you’re not a professional. With many people in the UK now opting for staycations, just where is the best place to visit to get the most scenic snaps for social media?

Yaopey Yong is a 38-year-old award-winning Manchester photographer. He has shared his knowledge on how to find the most picturesque places in the UK to get the perfect snap for Instagram.

He said: “There are so many places in the UK where you can get fantastic photos for social media. Having lived in Yorkshire and the North West, my personal favourite is the Peak District. Almost every corner in this national park is photogenic, depending on the time of the day. One of the spots I often visit repeatedly is the area around Castleton, Edale, and Mam Tor.”

In terms of reaching the area of natural outstanding beauty, he says: “Mam Tor is probably the most accessible vantage point I have been to. There is a car park literally at the foot of the hill. A short walk of about 5 minutes will take you to the gate where you can take the stairs to the top of Mam Tor. It can be a steep climb so take your time! Once you reach the summit, the view is just incredible. You can see the entire valley, Winnats Pass, Castleton, Edale, and not to mention the ridge of the hill that stretches across the landscape.”

When it comes down to capturing the idyllic moment, Yaopey shares how it’s all in the timing of the photo. He says: “The view from the top of Mam Tor is brilliant any time of the day. But my personal favourite is early in the morning and the evening, that is sunrise and sunset. The sun rises from the valley, and if you are lucky, you can catch the morning fog which makes the view even more spectacular. Sunsets over Edale, beautifully illuminating the valley with golden light.

“If you are not in a hurry, you can descend from Mam Tor to Winnats pass, which is just a short walk across the plateau. Castleton and Edale are both beautiful villages with cafes and pubs where you can get some refreshments after your trip.”

Although Yaopey loves the views from Mam Tor, he also recommends checking out the area as a whole. He says: “Although I highly recommend the area around Mam Tor, I would suggest you also take a slow drive around the Peak District to explore other spots.

“You will come across beautiful hills, limestones, and villages that are all photo-worthy. The Peak District is a popular place particularly during sunny days, so plan your day well to avoid getting stuck searching for a car park or queuing up for food. After all, you are there for the view so maximise your time taking lots of photos.”

All photos featured are taken by Yaopey in the Peak District, (available to view and buy on He says: “Taking photos at either sunrise or sunset when the light is soft and gorgeous makes everything look vibrant and magical.”