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Parents have HALF as much sex as they did pre kids, research reveals

Despite being dubbed the most ‘romantic’ time of the year, for many parents, celebrating February 14th is not as hot and steamy as it once was. In fact, new research reveals that 23 per cent of parents say their sex lives are far from pear-fect since having kids and 40 per cent say they would like to get their passion(fruit) back. To put romance back on the menu, Moonpig has launched a limited range of ‘fruity’ cards with special heat-reactive technology which only reveals the secret juicy messages once warmed up – by body heat. These cards are guaranteed to get temperatures rising this Valentine’s Day, all without the kids knowing!

Whilst it used to be more a-peeling, 62 per cent of parents admit Valentine’s Day has become a lot tamer since having kids, and a fifth (19 per cent) can’t remember the last time they had sex on the special day. For one in six (15 per cent) gift giving has also become a lot more PG, with one in ten (nine per cent) wary of their kids seeing anything too naughty and 18 per cent claiming that they are just not as romantic as they used to be.

When it comes to bedroom antics, the research revealed that the average parent is likely to have less than half as much sex as they did pre kids, equating to six times a month (compared to 14 times a month pre-kids). This could explain why 29 per cent say they’d like to have more sex with their partners.

So for all the parents who would like to spice things up again, Moonpig has the perfect solution.
Its new heat-to-reveal card range allows people to tap into their juicy side and gives their favourite fruits a berry different meaning. For the lovers who want to up the heat but can’t do so openly (we’re looking at you, parents!) these cards appear innocent until body heat is applied to reveal a spicy message.

Whilst the card may read ‘You’re the cherry on my cake’, apply some body heat and ‘I like it when you’re on top…’ will appear.

Other fruits will also feature in the range, with ‘I’m bananas about you’, revealing a saucy note saying ‘So why don’t you peel back my clothes?’. And the nation’s favourite superfood even stars in the show, with the card opening ‘Let’s Avo-cuddle’, before revealing the word ‘NAKED’, once body heat is applied.

From a warm rub to a sensual embrace, the thermochromic cards react to body heat – but it’s your choice how you activate them! Moonpig recommends hugging them close to your chest against your bare skin – it is Valentine’s Day after all!

Sarah Jane Porter, Head of Cards at Moonpig comments: “Our new range of cards looks to get pulses racing this Valentine’s Day and encourages parents to re-light the fire that may have dwindled since having kids. We know present and card giving can become a lot more tame, particularly when young children are around, so these limited edition body-heated cards provide the perfect solution – a PG card, with a hidden fruity message. Our mission at Moonpig is to help people connect and enjoy these special moments, so we hope this helps parents have a little fun this year.”

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is clearly not as easy for parents as it was pre-kids. And despite the fruit of their loins being their pride and joy, 12 per cent admit they have gone to extreme measures for some alone time, and one in ten (10 per cent) send their kids off on sleepovers so they can have one of their own. A further 12 per cent claim they use code words when planning some intimate time, with ‘let’s have a cuddle’ (30 per cent), ‘I have a surprise for you later’ (20 per cent) and ‘let’s take a nap later’ (15 per cent) topping the list of code words.

Top 10 code words for parents who want some ‘us’ time:

Let’s have a cuddle – 30 per cent
I have a surprise for you later – 20 per cent
Let’s take a nap later – 15 per cent
Fancy a workout later? – 12 per cent
Can you help me with something shortly? – 12 per cent
We need to talk this evening – 11 per cent
Will you help me move some furniture in a bit? – 9 per cent
I’m going to shave my legs before bed – 9 per cent
We need to change the sheets this evening – 8 per cent
Shall we have a snack in a bit? – 8 per cent

With 22 per cent of parents saying they miss receiving romantic gifts from their partner, Moonpig has everything couples need to bring the romance back this Valentine’s Day. From flowers to two-night getaways, you can find everything you need here:

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