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Oli London BTS Butter cover reaches 2.7 Million Views on Youtube

Transracial Korean K-Pop singer Oli London, who is best known for his love of BTS singer Jimin, has taken the internet by storm after releasing a cover music video of BTS’s iconic number one single Butter.

The Youtuber and TikTok Star’s video and song cover of the popular song has received over 2.7 million views in just a few short weeks and has attracted a staggering 60,000 comments and over 375,000 interactions.

London has been widely publicised in the news over the past 3 years for his devotion to K-pop and is set to release his debut K-pop album ‘Fallen Angel’ this December 1st.

In some promotional photos shared across his social media, the talented singer stunned fans wearing a Citizen Tee Project suede cowboy jacket paired with a Claire Tiplady white shirt.

In another image shared on his Instagram the star stunned in a pair of green diamanté covered Dylan Joel Studio sunglasses matched with a Kim Tiziana ruffled cape.

After achieving over 18 million views on his K-pop videos and over 1.3 billion views on his TikTok, fans of the star have been ages Rlg awaiting his debut album which has been in the works since 2019.

London also recently appeared in Amsterdam and Paris to promote his new art film ‘Gangnam Beauty’ which takes inspiration from traditional Korean culture and adds a modern tale of transformation, through which London shares his story.