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Old school is best – streaming platforms are almost twice as expensive when watching Christmas films, compared to DVDs

Millions of Brits will be starting to spend their evenings curling up on the sofa with Home Alone and other classics to get that Christmas feeling in the coming weeks, and research has revealed that buying the classic Christmas films on DVD is cheaper than the popular method of relying on streaming services.

The new research from established online lender Evolution Money has revealed that the ten most popular Christmas films in the UK* cost just over half the price to buy on DVD (£18.90) compared to the cost of renting or paying subscription costs on streaming services (£34.92).

The UK’s ten favourite Christmas films were revealed by the BBC last year, and include classics like Elf, Love Actually, and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Six out of the top ten films are not included in the monthly subscription on a single streaming service, and are only available for a £3.49 rental fee, which is limited to a 48-hour viewing period.

The most expensive films to watch on a streaming service cost £7.99, the standard monthly price for several top platforms including Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

It’s a Wonderful Life is available via a £7.99 Amazon Prime subscription, and The Muppet Christmas Carol and Home Alone are both on Disney+ for a £7.99 subscription – Love Actually has just been released on Netflix for a basic £5.99 subscription.

In contrast, the DVD prices for these four most expensive streaming options are far cheaper: Home Alone (£2.50), The Muppet Christmas Carol (£2.49), It’s a Wonderful Life (£1.73), and Love Actually (£1.35).

The cheapest top Christmas film to buy on DVD is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, which is priced at a moderate 99p.