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Nuclear industry donates £200,000 of lifesaving PPE to the NHS

Sellafield Ltd is providing 20,000 gowns to help Cumbria’s Coronavirus response.

The company and its owner, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), have pledged £200,000 to purchase the kit for the county’s frontline NHS and social care staff.

coronavirus screening at medical centre

An estimated 5,000 gowns should be ready by the end of this week. A further 2,500 will be delivered each week over the next 6 weeks.

They will be distributed to NHS facilities across the county, according to need identified via the Local Resilience Forum.

Gowns provide crucial protection to care workers treating Covid-19 patients and help prevent the spread of infection.

They are in short supply as global stocks of PPE dwindle amid the global pandemic.

The donation is part of a targeted response by Sellafield Ltd, co-ordinated with local communities to ensure the areas of greatest need are identified and addressed.

On top of the 20,000 gowns, Sellafield Ltd and its supply chain have donated:

  • 1,562 disposable suits
  • 187 disposable gown/lab coats
  • 4,850 disposable FFP3 masks
  • 102 reusable masks
  • 3,500 pairs of gloves
  • 164 pairs of safety glasses
  • 10 full face visors