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Newly Launched Tea Tree Foot Soak Bath Salt for Tired Feet After Intense Workout!

Moksha Bodycare unveils its latest innovation for active individuals- a rejuvenating Foot Soak meticulously crafted to offer a revitalizing experience for tired feet and nails. Infused with a powerful blend of natural ingredients including Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Dead Sea Bath Salts, this Foot Soak is a testament to the healing wonders of nature. The amalgamation of these components works wonders, fostering rejuvenation, relaxation, and cleansing, making it an essential addition to any foot care routine. Click on the Amazon link to know more-

Designed to indulge and pamper, Moksha Bodycare encourages users to add two spoons of the Foot Soak to a foot massager of warm water and soak their feet for 15-20 minutes. This simple yet luxurious ritual, whether performed daily or a few times a week, promises to eliminate dead skin, providing a natural, invigorating cleanse and relaxing tired muscles.

“Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Essential Oils are the cornerstone of our Foot Soaks,” says Lisa Smith co-founder of the company “Rich in antiseptic, anti-fungal, and therapeutic properties, these oils, combined with aromatherapy Dead Sea Bath Salts, combat various foot concerns such as athlete’s foot, nail infections, foot odour, and fatigue.” Get yours now from the Amazon UK-

Furthermore, the infusion of Dead Sea Bath Salts in the Foot Soak offers a gentle exfoliation, harnessing the minerals’ power, including Magnesium and Calcium. This natural exfoliator stimulates circulation, eases muscle cramps, and aids in removing dead skin, catering to all skin types.

What sets Moksha Bodycare apart is its commitment to quality. Proudly manufactured in the UK, the company ensures the highest standards in production, promising a premium product that can serve as an ideal self-care indulgence or a thoughtful gift for loved ones. Visit to learn more about their products.

The CEO stated “We take pride in our product, crafted with care and precision, our Foot Soak is cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and ideal for anyone seeking a luxurious foot spa experience at home. “Not just a foot care essential, Moksha Bodycare Foot Soak also doubles as a perfect gift option for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or as a thoughtful gesture for anyone in need of a rejuvenating self-care night.