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New Year New You; Spruce Up Your Home Gym Ready For The 2022 Version Of You, founded by Mark Reynolds in 2015, is dedicated to the design, supply and management of innovative, industry-leading gyms in private homes and commercial spaces in the UK and worldwide. Whether it’s an in-home personal workout room, a corporate or commercial gym or the focal point of a large residential development, the experienced fitness specialists at WeMakeGyms provide an end-to-end service for creating the perfect fitness space in which to thrive.

In the post-pandemic world we live in, the home gym industry is continuing to boom as people opt to invest in a safe, effective and private workout space. During lockdown and beyond, WeMakeGyms saw an increase in their already busy roster, with enquiries including highly motivated home gym projects for members of the public and premier league footballers who needed equipment for their lockdown training schedules.

Staunchly independent, WeMakeGyms can pick and choose manufacturers and suppliers based on client needs and project requirements, filtering through the huge range of fitness equipment out there. As a dynamic and fast growing industry, technology is constantly evolving so it’s important to know the latest trends and products.

WeMakeGyms already has an impressive client list, with private homes including those of elite sports stars and celebrities, as well as commercial projects for residential developers, multinational corporations including Procter & Gamble, and commercial operators such as Energie Fitness.

Private Homes

Enjoy the convenience and bespoke environment of a dedicated home workout space

Get your workouts done according to your needs

Avoid wasted time travelling

Add value to your home

Avoid health implications of public gym space

Costs start from circa £2.5 – 5k for a basic setup (one cardio machine, dumbbells, adjustable bench, flooring) up to circa £30k for a luxe setup with two to three cardio machines, squat rack, free weights, cable machine, adjustable bench, combat fitness equipment, feature wall, custom flooring audio and visual equipment and air conditioning.


Motivate staff with an industry-leading fitness offer

Invest in the long term health and wellbeing of employees

Time efficiency with no gym commute

Setup would include a mixture of cardio, free weights, resistance training and functional equipment bespoke to client needs.

WeMakeGyms can supply the basic staff requirements of a manager who handles health & safety, cleaning and opening hours, right up to inhouse PTs and instructors, class programmes and online on demand options and live stream classes.

Large-Scale Residential

Differentiate a development with an innovative, high-end fitness facility

Add value to property

Create new revenue streams

Build brand values and awareness through positive publicity

Setup and management as for Corporate


Offer a full design, build and manage plan for commercial gyms

Consultancy service (on the best equipment, based on the gyms use/market)

Spply of all gym equipment