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New Virtual Try-on Tech Zyler Goes Viral Overnight

Virtual Try-on is the cure for the pandemic-fueled rise in returns, and social media users have taken notice.

This week, new online try-on technology Zyler saw thousands of new users, with almost half a million outfits tried on. Facebook styling groups began sharing the tech after an influencer shared images of themselves wearing outfits online.

Comments on the shared images took off, surprising creators with the volume of images being viewed and shared. Members of the original social media group began trying it for themselves and resharing with other groups and friends. One user shared several images and stated “Well now I’m obsessed!”, with another commenting “I’m going to kill so many hours playing with this”.

Created by image-processing specialists Anthropics Technology, Zyler can be used directly on retailer websites or by users through the Zyler swipe app, which is where the viral spread started this week. The technology is designed to allow customers to see themselves in outfits without visiting physical stores — a topic that has not gone unnoticed in 2021.

“We’ve created a new experience by making virtual try-on fun, easy, beautiful and risk-free. People are loving it and we’re excited to see where this goes.” says Alexander Berend, CEO at Anthropics Technology.