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New Tech Platform Launches for Small Business to Seamlessly Integrate and Connect all Tech and Sync Data

AIRPA, seamlessly connects all ‘out of the box’ tech, making it the first Integrated Platform as a Service (InPaas). It has launched to offer small businesses a cutting-edge solution that connects tech systems, apps and data into one, synchronised and easy-to-use platform. This truly game-changing solution gives SMEs freedom from repetitive tasks by automating workflows and giving key real-time insights via intuitive dashboards.

A recent survey* highlighted that only 1 in 5 businesses would describe themselves as tech-savvy and the majority of businesses are actually struggling to utilise the apps and systems they subscribe to with many unable to login, sync, access data or really benefit from this tech.

The InPaaS solution automates repetitive tasks and creates intuitive workflows and reports such as financial health and planning at the click of a button. This gives small businesses the freedom to make real-time decisions based on connected data collected from multiple systems and illustrated in simple to understand dashboards.

The team at AIRPA bring a unique blend of Big 4 accounting and consulting experience, technology experts and successful small businesses owners and their mission is to use cutting-edge tech to truly level the playing field between large and small businesses and gives owners and directors the freedom to focus on higher value work.

Farooq Raja, one of the Founders of AIRPA, commented, “Having worked as a partner at PwC and also run multiple small businesses I have seen first-hand how hard it is for SMEs to really utilise and benefit from the multitude of tech solutions available to them compared to larger organisations.

AIRPA is the first platform to offer a solution that allows businesses to handpick the best in breed for every process and easily manage, sync and access these solutions from one place. Our platform and dashboards reduce the need for repetitive tasks, empower with data and save hours so business owners can focus on important tasks.”