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Ne-Yo parties with Tommy Fury and Jesse Lingard at sold-out afterparty

In a finish to Ne-Yo’s UK tour, the Manchester afterparty hosted by Spencer Churchill turned into an unforgettable night, graced by the performance of Ne-Yo and the attendance of stars like Tommy Fury and Jesse Lingard. Director of Spencer Churchill, Adam Pope shared some words on the night.
“It was truly an exceptional night, one that Manchester will remember for a long time,” began Adam Pope, Director of Spencer Churchill, who hosted the event. “Not only was it a showcase of great music, but it was also the official closing party of Ne-Yo’s UK tour, which added an extra layer to the event.”
Pope added, “Ne-Yo’s performance, particularly when he sang ‘Miss Independent,’ was unreal. It’s a track that everyone knows, and witnessing the entire audience sing along was really nice”
The atmosphere was enhanced by the presence of some stars, such as Tommy Fury, Jesse Lingard, Mario, Adrienne Naylor, Mary Bedford, and Callum Jones. Pope said “Their presence contributed to making the evening even more memorable. It’s events like these, that make it all worth it!”
Reflecting on the event’s success, Pope noted, “The true measure of last night’s success goes beyond ticket sales or the celebrity guest list; it’s in the lasting memories created. As Ne-Yo’s UK tour drew to a close, he left his fans with an unforgettable evening.”
Concluding, Pope expressed, “From the execution to the performances and the crowd’s response, everything was impeccable. Ne-Yo’s special place in the hearts of music lovers was clearly evident, as was his unique ability to connect across his audiences. The closing party of his UK tour here in Manchester was a monumental success, setting a high standard for future events – I can’t wait for the next one”