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National Share a Story Month: Nearly 5 MILLION Brits want to start writing a book this year

This coming May marks National Share a Story Month in the UK – an annual event celebrating the power of storytelling and sharing. One such company that celebrates this, and not just for the month, but all year round, is the leading international biography-writing service StoryTerrace. Having penned over 3,000 biographies, the memoir company is taking a deep dive into some of the most prolific stories that have been documented by some of their most experienced and professional ghostwriters. Based on their research finding that nearly 5 million Brits are keen to either begin or finish writing their very own book this year, StoryTerrace reveal just how beneficial this might be, and how anyone with a story to tell can make this possible. It has been documented by Dr Pennebakr, the originator of expressive writing, that writing about one’s experiences breeds a heightened sense of self-awareness and aids decision-making in life situations.

Meet Craig Melvin – premium ghost-writer at StoryTerrace:
Having written over 25 memoirs for the service – spanning across a broad spectrum of storytellers from their late 20s to early 90s – Craig divulges how the platform provides a capsule for people’s inspirational and enriching life stories:

“People pay attention when you tell a story that’s gripping. The act of telling the story is in the mindset of future generations reading them. It is the collective work of the storyteller and the ghostwriter to uncover the tales embedded within a family; delving into the unexpected. As a reader, you want something informative and educational – that’s the blessing of being a ghost-writer, you are learning as you write through the process”

Craig has gained insight into the varied and coloured lives of entrepreneurs, reformed criminals, business gurus and medical pioneers from all over the country. Despite having interviewed clients deriving from such unique backgrounds, he reveals how each story informs him of a similar lesson:

“There are traits I notice across the storytellers I have met – all 25 – and the most prevalent being the ability to survive on the minimum. It is a prominent thread that runs through every memoir expressed through determination, the will to succeed, and sometimes, desperation. It is a healing process. Writing a life story is often better than a novel because life is quirkier than fiction – it is unpredictable, heart-breaking but invariably rewarding.”

Meet Susie Cornell – a storyteller from Essex who has had her memoir penned with StoryTerrace:
Susie recalls an inspirational story documenting her journey battling multiple sclerosis (MS). Living in a time where there was significantly less knowledge about the disease, Susie felt her opportunities were vastly limited. Until she visited a Peto Institute in Hungary which demonstrated a new approach to treating her illness. She went on to use her contacts to campaign for better treatment for MS and to improve the understanding of the illness. Having now documented her journey with StoryTerrace she has subsequently opened The Cornell Centre which specialises in natural treatments for chronic diaseases.

“Not only did I feel a great sense of “achievement” after telling my story but also an immense sense of relief. Talking about my experiences was the best thing that could have happened to me and I could not recommend it enough. On reflection, StoryTerrace has enabled me to document my journey and boosted my overall self worth”

My only hope would be to help as many people as I can who have or are currently suffering with a long-term illness, because if I was given the information I have access to now when I was diagnosed 49 years ago, my life would be completely different.”

Rutger Bruining, Founder and CEO of StoryTerrace, comments on the power of the written word when it comes to legacy preservation:

“National Share A Story Month is a time where we can consider the value of sharing and telling our stories. Not just to the individual but also to their family, friends, loved ones and even members of the public who can relate to a similar experience. There is power in the written word, and I am honoured to work at a company where over 750 amazing ghostwriters get the chance to enjoy their love of writing and curate relationships with clients where they feel listened to and appreciated. The magic of books – is that it is there forever. The legacy is literally preserved in an art form to be cherished and passed down.”