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National Beer Day will take place on the 15th of June to celebrate Britain’s national alcoholic drink of choice

National Beer Day will take place on the 15th of June to celebrate Britain’s national alcoholic drink of choice. At 7pm millions of people across the country will raise a glass of their favourite beer, say ‘cheers’ and post a message on social media with the hashtag #CheersToBeer.

Here, we share three beers perfect for that raised glass to National Beer Day on Tuesday, June 15:

Rupee ( ) – Rupee is an Indian beverage brand that offers a premium lager beer that is designed to pair with your favourite curry. Slow brewed to a traditional Indian recipe using all-natural rice, maize, malted barley and three types of hops, Rupee is unforgettably smooth with a refreshing finish. Having lower amounts of carbonation compared to industry-standard beers, Rupee drinkers feel less fizzy and able to enjoy more of their favourite curry. The beer was designed and curated by industry-leading experts in beer brewing and Indian cuisine who are on a mission to make it the go-to beverage of choice at Indian restaurants across the world.

The Official Military Beer Co. ( ) – The Official Military Beer Co. are a brand that commissions fine craft beers for units of The British Armed Forces and are sold to the public. With pilsners, APAs and IPAs all sourced and commissioned from a selection of the UK’s most awarded and celebrated small craft breweries, The Official Military Beer Co. choose their regimental beer with great care and expertise. Over several hours, each delicious beer is carefully chosen for each regiment by its own tasting committee –formed from a cohort of courageous volunteers who undergo the rigorous demands of selection. The Official Military Beer Co. commissions beer for six different regiments with the British Forces.

First Chop ( ) – First Chop is an award-winning brewery sprung from humble beginnings. Created by Rik, chef, creative and restauranteur, the beer was originally born from his acclaimed bar and restaurant of the same name in North Manchester. First Chop initially settled under a Salford railway arch and combined the fledgling brewery with rootsy live music, club and arts space at the heart of the Manchester scene. First Chop has led the way in gluten-free craft beer production. All First Chop beer is vegan, and the majority of the range is gluten-free, just look for the cross-grain symbol on the cans.