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Natalie Gray takes us back into the late 80s with a touch of Pink & Kelly Clarkson on new single ‘Last Orders’, out 26th April.

If The 1975 had a baby with Madonna circa 1990… that would be Natalie Gray.”

Are you ready to step back into the late 80s with a touch of Pink and Kelly Clarkson? Natalie Gray releases her latest single “Last Orders” on 26th April and will have you storming doors and refusing stereotypes in a heartbeat.

“Last Orders” embodies the sassiness of Madonna and Pink with strong powerful vocals inspired by Kelly Clarkson and Whitney Houston, alongside an epic synth solo and a long overdue key change! “Last Orders” is for those who are tired of being told they can’t, or to stay in the walls of the box they were put in. It’s for the outcasts, the fed up, the ones ready to kick down the door that has been slammed in their faces.

Written with life long friend and producer Jack Craig, the brains behind Natalie’s previous releases “The Me I Pretend To Be” and “Live in Love”, “Last Orders” brings you a song to scream out in the mirror with your hairbrush as well as dance till you feel better in your pjs. A message for those who feel like they don’t belong in society but covered in 80s guitar licks and an infectious bass line. Are you ready to kick some doors in?