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Mrs Hinch Shares The Popular Frenchic Furniture Hack

Best friends Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon are currently renovating their dream homes Hinch Farm and Pickle Cottage. Both women are using their DIY skills around the home and notably have both used Frenchic products to transform spaces and share with their followers.

Both Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon have been big fans of the Frenchic Browning Wax. This unique wax both transforms and seals wooden and chalk painted furniture. They are easy to use, soft to apply and have no nasty odour. What makes them even better are that they are EN71-3 compliant, making them safe to use on children’s toys and furniture.

Browning Wax gives a fabulous aged or rustic effect to your projects. It picks out texture and can be blended to vary the tone of any Frenchic range. Apply to bare wood surfaces to bring out character and depth. Often used over Frenchic Lazy Range Crème de la Crème to fantastic effect to revive and lighten dark ceiling beams.

Frenchic offer a huge range of high quality chalk and mineral paint that perfectly coincides with the upcycling revolution, helping DIY enthusiasts give old or unused furniture an entirely new look without skimping on style or substance. Whether you’re looking to perk up a dining table or completely transform a dresser, Frenchic paint gives you the tools you need to renovate your wooden furniture with their huge range of creamy, rich paint that is incredibly easy to use. In addition to the extensive range of colours in their Original Range that include bold hues and vintage chic tones, Frenchic also have their Lazy Range of colours with added wax for an immediate finish to your projects, and their Al Fresco range for your outdoor projects.

Frenchic Furniture Paint is natural and eco-friendly, requiring no stirring, shaking or the addition of water. It has been rigorously tested to be EN:71-3 certified to ensure it’s also safe to paint children’s toys & nursery furniture. Frenchic pride themselves in not adding VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), toxins or solvents – the paints have virtually no smell, making them perfect for painting indoors.