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Moving House? Banish Home Woes with Tips from Miniminter and Community Fibre

Graeme Oxby, CEO of Community Fibre, says: “Moving home is an incredibly exciting time, however, the pressures of endless paperwork, last minute and unexpected challenges can make it a stressful time too. Amongst the chaos, it’s easy for seemingly less urgent tasks to fall to the bottom of the pile – and broadband should never be one of them. With two-thirds of Brits (66%) dissatisfied with their broadband provider, you can save yourself money – and stave off WiFi Rage – by being prepared and researching your best broadband options in your new area ahead of time.

“At Community Fibre, we’re on a mission to educate the nation about their broadband speeds, helping to provide Brits with the right knowledge to select the best broadband package for their needs. If you’re in the process of moving home in London and are looking for fast and reliable full-fibre broadband, make sure you explore our packages for the best deals on our super speedy WiFi.

“By spending a bit of time researching the right package for you, be sure to take things like the size of your new house or flat, number of WiFi users, and how you use broadband into consideration when choosing your speed and fibre offering. With a seamless broadband connection, you’ll have an easier time sorting out the other tasks that come with moving – as well as keeping the kids entertained at the same time too!”

Miniminter’s 5-step guide to optimising WiFi speeds at home
Locate your router in a central position that’s not hidden behind your TV, furniture or too many thick walls, and keep it upright so that its WiFi signal goes upwards and outwards
Don’t put the router on the ground otherwise the signal goes into the floor – best to wall mount it or put it in a raised position where it won’t get nudged or damaged
Avoid placing your router near a window as you’ll ‘waste’ signal by broadcasting to the outside
Fluids are WiFi blockers, so don’t hide your router behind a fish tank or wine rack
If top speed is your priority, always go wired rather than WiFi and if you need extra ports to connect more devices directly into your router Amazon and others sell a range of cheap but effective port extenders