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Meghan is ‘very calculating’ says Lady Colin Campbell

LADY Colin Campbell has hit out at the Duchess of Sussex, calling her “very calculating” and claiming that she is driven by fame and wealth.

She told Mark Dolan on GB News: “She’s very calculating and I think that if he had not been a Prince Henry of Wales, she wouldn’t have given him two minutes, much less the length of time she intends to give him.

“And notice how dexterously she moved him from the royal family to California…she has clearly decided that she wasn’t going to give her time or her energy to the British people or was serving humanity when she could serve her financial interests in a community property state, where in the event of a divorce she gets a whopping 50%.”

Asked if Meghan was committed, she said: “Yes, of course, she was very committed to being self serving, but only self serve. Public service? Not a chance.

“This is a woman who, in my opinion, everything is calculated and it all comes down to status, and bucks and attention.”

Lady C said: “If she gets something better, he will be toast if she never finds anything better…that’s the modus operandi of people who are very opportunistic, narcissistic and exploitative….

“I said in my book that I was told the royal family’s great fear was that Harry would actually end up doing something rather dramatic and final.

“The people who know him very well, there was the fear that his passions would prevail over the limited amount of sense that he has. He’s not the brightest star in the constellation.”

On the couple’s business deals, she said: “I’ve been reliably informed that the figures that have been quoted were pie in the sky.

“Netflix and Spotify have not given them anywhere near the amount of money that they would like the world to [believe]…

“No, I think that she is in some ways on a very slippery slope, shades of Rebekah Vardy.

“You know, the chickens come home to roost when you are as artificial as these women are.”

Asked about the court case involving Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney, she said: “I felt it was insanity. But we seem to have a whole slew of rarely rather tiresome, very opinionated women, who seem to have made their way in life through talents which are not immediately apparent, and they think they’re the best thing since sliced bread.

“And they know everything and because they deceive one or two men, they think they will be able to deceive everybody and of course, that’s not how life works.”

She added: “She’s shown herself [Rebekah] to be a total fraud. And not only a total fraud, but a nasty fraud at that.”

Asked if Rebekah was similar in character to Meghan Markle, she said: “Yes, peas of the same pod. And I think they have exploited similar talents to arrive where they have arisen at…they’re so pretentious.”