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The founder of a music artists’ development platform is looking to bridge the gap between superstars and budding acts – by using her own extensive experience within the industry.

Kimmy Dickson, who runs HyperTribe, has a long background in music with her passion for the industry starting when she was a teenager.

She said: “At 15 I did work experience alongside the staff that work directly for Simon Cowell and his label Syco – it was my first foray into the industry and it gave me a great foundation to understand what would become my life.”

While at university studying international development, Kimmy was passionate about putting on local bands in Leeds – packing out venues on a consistent basis through her management. This experience would lead her to create a live events company in Hoxton – along with an entire studio in the local area for artist development.

Started a year ago, the community and its platform help artists fast track their development through a subscription-based model – merging the worlds of technology and music to tackle the barriers that hinder hard-working artists and stop them from making a sustainable income out of their work.

“While we’re always seeing new ideas, there’s not a lot of innovation in the music industry when it comes to taking care of artists,” explains Kimmy. “It’s no secret that many artists aren’t getting paid for what they’re worth or the work they put in, and it’s having an effect on their mental health.

“There’s a massive gap within the world of music. From the likes of Drake to budding artists, the difference is staggering – though it can be closed up if artists just knew how to weather the industry’s challenges.”

Kimmy and her team aim to give artists the right knowledge and resources in order to cut costs, tap into a global next and build networks – all at their fingertips. She said: “When you’re given the right strategy, you can achieve wins you didn’t even know were possible. To make it work, artists need to be entrepreneurs as well as musicians to build themselves as a business.

“It’s like winning the lottery – if you’re not wise with what you have it’ll soon dry up. This is the same when it comes to the music industry; artists have to be wise with their time to not dry up and find themselves a victim of a cutthroat industry where you’re told you need to be mean in order to survive – but that doesn’t have to be the case.”

HyperTribe allows budding artists to connect with established producers, managers, singers and much more at the touch of a button using their unique tagging system. Masterclasses, Q&As and private conversations are available through their platform – all at the fingertips of artists to help ensure they become successful entrepreneurs of their own music.

The platform has launched their Artist Entrepreneur Course – enabling those who enrol to get eight weeks of mentoring and guidance to monetise their music, supported by professionals who have over 10 years in music and business.