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Manchester Swifties are the fourth-most dedicated in the UK & Ireland, according to report

It’s official – Manchester is home to the fourth-largest Taylor Swift fanbase in the UK and Ireland!

Taylor Swift, known for her ‘Fearless’ lyrics, captivating melodies, and chart-topping hits, is adored by fans all over the world. But, new research by the team at Betway has revealed which cities in the UK and Ireland are the most loyal, with Manchester claiming fourth place.

To do this, the team ranked major cities in the UK and Ireland based on a number of factors, such as who is searching for Taylor Swift the most, who has the most TS-dedicated events, and how well she is doing in their charts.

The team then used a normalised ranking function to score each data point out of 10, which gave each location an overall score out of 80, to determine who reigns supreme for being avid Taylor Swift fans.

Manchester secures the title of having the fourth biggest Taylor Swift fanbase in the UK and Ireland, as the city scored an impressive 63.1/80.

London came out on top for having the biggest Taylor Swift fanbase, boasting an almost perfect score of 71.4/80. Liverpool follows in second place, with a score of 63.5/80, and Dublin in third place with a score of 63.1/80.

Manchester Swifties evidently can’t get enough of their icon’s music, as the city had the third highest number of Taylor Swift songs in their Spotify chart during the week of the 13th-19th of October.

The city had 7 songs claiming a spot in the chart that week, including the likes of ‘Cruel Summer’, ‘Anti-Hero’, and ‘Style’.

Swifties in Manchester are also keeping the pop sensation’s songs in their charts for weeks on end, with a strong Taylor Swift song streak of 31 weeks, the third highest in the UK and Ireland!

Manchester fans are singing along to Taylor Swift all day long, as the city came third place for the UK and Ireland as having Tay on repeat the most, giving her songs an average peak position of 26 in the Spotify charts.

It’s safe to say that Manchester Swifites know how to ‘Shake It Off’ as the study found that the city came in third place for the UK and Ireland for its number of Taylor Swift dedicated events, with 8 in total.

Manchester also has the third highest number of views for their Swiftogeddon nights on TikTok with 231,300 and counting! Hosted at the 02 Ritz and filled to the brim with Swifties, the fun-filled nights make for great TikTok content.