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Manchester star Jsky to release his very first EP

Reality by Jsky is an EP that has been 5 years in the making. Inspired largely by 90’s R&B, Jsky expands his singer/songwriter prowess to deliver a record his city can be proud of. Produced by long-time associate and mentor Dr. K of Dark Mic Records, Reality invites listeners to love again.

Jsky tells us “I wanted to create a timeless record; something that a younger and an older me would be proud of built upon the sounds I loved growing up and some of the styles I love now.”

Featuring the rapturous single Liv and the iridescent era-defining Real, Reality is a unification of eulogies through love, longing and reprise. Xchange delves into processes of elevation, learning and replacing one thought for another whilst Going In heals by talking candidly about outgrowing your environment and the opinions of others on you. Lyrically speaking, Reality packs a punch!

Stand out closing song Your Guy features a guitar solo by studio owner Tim Gray who sadly passed away at the age of 37 last year. This caused production of the EP to be delayed temporarily to allow for grieving and for new studio amenities to be sought.

Dr. K commented “Tim was an exceptionally talented musician. His ear for music and skill as a guitarist really added another dimension to the record. It seemed only fitting for the EP to close on this track” 

Reality – Jsky (track-list) 

1. Liv

2. Xchange Intermission

3. Xchange

4. Going In

5. Real

6. Your Guy

Reality out 5th April 2019