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The Manchester-based founder of Thriving Artists Business School (T.A.B.S), Amanda Heath , has shared how she worked with Lynsay Green – an artist from Moira, Northern Ireland who wanted to learn how to perfect the business side of her passion and begin making international sales.

“I first met when she joined my course Passion into Profit, where I teach artists to learn how to make a living doing what they love,” Amanda said, “I immediately warmed to her as she is such a sincere, generous person and had an incredible talent. Lynsay already had gallery representation but wanted a clearer idea on how to sell work on her own website, more consistently.

“We worked together, initially having a one-to-one consultation where we discovered that one of Lynsay’s main issues was not having an overarching strategy. This isn’t uncommon amongst artists who are trying to sell more of their work and getting stuck.”

Amanda notes that, like many modern artists, Lynsay was unsure about how to sell more art as she lacked belief in herself was and overwhelmed by the tech and social media side of things.

“Lynsay worked through the materials in the programme and applied everything with rigour, which meant she saw fast results,” she said, “I got a message from her not long into the programme to say she couldn’t believe how much it was all working and that she’d had her busiest weekend to date in sales!

“She learned how to present her work beautifully, which to be fair came relatively easy to Lynsay as she has a natural creative flair for presenting her art. But more importantly, she was able to formulate a plan for regular sales and schedule how she showed up in her business, on social media and by email in order to help her achieve her goals.”

Working closely on strategy, Amanda is thrilled to see Lynsay’s art sales have increased by 210%, signifying her very well-deserved success.