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Love Expert Lohani Noor Returns to Our Screens in BBC One’s ‘For Love or Money’

Series 3 of ‘For Love or Money’ which premiered on Monday April 25 on BBC 1 at 10.00am features (Manchester born) Lohani Noor – the nationally recognised psychotherapist who specialises in couples and relational therapy. In the popular series Lohani analyses why people may fall for love scams.

Lohani previously appeared on the first two seasons of ‘For Love or Money’ which added to a substantial list of TV credits. Her thriving TV career includes being the therapist on BBC 1’s ‘Sex on the Couch’ and appearing as a regular expert on crime, including most recently the Channel 5 documentary ‘Murder My Sweetheart: The Killing of Dolores McCrea’ shown in late March.

‘For Love or Money’ will air 10 episodes over two weeks and is set to benefit from Lohani Noor’s trademark straight-talking analysis of how our brains tend to work, or misfire, when we experience feelings of love.

Noor has in the past put pen to paper to author ‘12 Steps to Sexual Connection’ as a couples relational guide, but what’s more she offers online and in-person counselling usually based out of Manchester. Those looking for a couples retreat can find her at Ballingdon Hall in Suffolk which must be booked in advance.

A glittering career and fascinating life story defines Lohani, a former bodybuilder and plumber, as a psychotherapist with an intrinsic knowledge of what it is to be human. She opens up her services to people of all backgrounds and diversities, as a registered LGBTQ+ and stopSO therapist.

Despite her rising TV star, Lohani never sought to appear on the nation’s screens and was in fact initially reluctant due to the private nature of psychotherapy.

However, she is never one to turn down a challenge as illustrated by a meteoric rise to the top of her field. Here Ms Noor has the power to distribute her unique insight into relationships and love to the wider public, advice which has helped countless people:

This is unlikely to be the last time you see Lohani Noor on national television. Tune in on Monday or catch the episodes on BBC iPlayer at a later date to catch a glimpse of the UK-renowned psychotherapist and her words of wisdom.