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Local housebuilder Barratt David Wilson Homes partnered with Leedon Lower School, located nearby its Clipstone Park development, to promote recycling in the lead up to World Environment Day which took place on Saturday 5th June. The housebuilder encouraged pupils to collect plastic lid tops over a number of weeks to fill a ‘Zero Waste Box’ and were rewarded for their hard work with a bench made out of recycled plastic.
This was part of a wider campaign implemented by Barratt David Wilson North Thames at schools across the Northern Home Counties, with a total of 37, 825 units of waste recycled.

It is often assumed that plastic lids cannot be recycled and so they end up in landfill, in oceans or on beaches with plastic consistently making up 80% of all marine debris studied.* The ‘Zero Waste Boxes’ donated to the school allowed pupils to recycle 7565 units of waste and learn about the importance of individual action to tackle plastic pollution.

Karly Williams, Sales and Marketing Director for Barratt David Wilson North Thames, commented: “As a sustainable housebuilder, we wanted to work with Leedon Lower School to encourage pupils to recycle. The amount of plastic lids that the school collected was very impressive and a reminder of the small steps we can take on an individual level which can have a larger impact. We hope the pupils found it educational and enjoy using their recycled plastic bench.”

Richard Benson, Headteacher at Leedon Lower School, commented: “The plastic pollution crisis is incredibly important and we are passionate about teaching pupils from a young age to recycle, so we were more than happy to work with Barratt David Wilson Homes on this campaign. The pupils really enjoyed collecting plastic lid tops and encouraging their families to get involved too, it made recycling engaging and fun for the pupils.

They are also very excited to use the recycled plastic bench, which we would like to thank Barratt David Wilson Homes for generously donating – it looks fantastic!”

A selection of three and four bedroom homes are available at Barratt David Wilson North Thames’ Clipstone Park development in Leighton Buzzard with prices starting from £342,000 for a three bedroom home.