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Leading CPD Body Unveils Comprehensive Whitepaper on Continuing Professional Development

The CPD Standards Office is proud to announce the release of its latest whitepaper, “CPD Research Project 2023-2024.” This extensive report provides critical insights into the evolving landscape of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) across various sectors, highlighting the diverse needs of professionals and the strategic importance of CPD in career advancement.

The report reveals fascinating developments in the world of CPD. A staggering 90% of individual respondents claim to have been able to achieve career development as a direct result of CPD. Training providers, however, while invested in delivering CPD training, have been shown to have tremendous room for growth. Professional bodies reveal curious differences in perception of CPD amongst different generations while also confirming plans to incorporate AI into guided career development.

Highlights of the Whitepaper

Generational Preferences: Analyses the differing CPD preferences across generations, emphasising the need for both traditional and technology-driven learning solutions.

Market Overview: Explores the current state of CPD, identifying gaps between CPD offerings and the evolving needs of professionals.

AI Integration: Discusses the potential impacts of AI on CPD policies and the proactive measures being taken by professional bodies.

Strategies for Providers: Offers actionable insights for CPD training providers to enhance their offerings, align with market demands, and support career growth.

Key Findings

CPD is personal responsibility: 42% of respondents use their own funds to do CPD, 33% share with their employer, and only 25% rely on the company
90% of people report advancing their careers because of CPD
CPD is growing in reach with 71% of training providers reporting that they deliver training across regulated and non-regulated sectors
Majority of training (71%) offer a free taster, allowing learners to choose the right training and the right trainer

Amanda Rosewarne, CEO and Co-Founder of The CPD Standards Office,


“Our latest research underscores the critical role of CPD in today’s dynamic professional landscape. By understanding and addressing the diverse needs of professionals, we can ensure CPD remains a powerful tool for career development and industry


The whitepaper serves as a valuable resource for professionals, training providers, and professional bodies, offering data-driven strategies to navigate the complexities of CPD in the modern era.