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Jake and Liberty shock split and villa departure: It Was Never a Match Made in Heaven…

by Stephanie Taylor, Intimacy and Wellbeing Expert of Kegel8 and StressNoMore

“After the shock of last night’s Love Island news of Liberty and Jake officially leaving the villa, Stephanie Taylor, intimacy and wellbeing expert of Kegel8 and StressNoMore explains why their romance was never written in the stars and how their mental health should instead be a priority returning home.

According to Astrologify, the brash, impatient and chaotic nature of Aries Jake proved to be ultimately too much for Liberty’s grounded nature of her ruling sign Virgo. Whilst in the beginning Liberty benefited from Jake’s fiery and warm nature, she ignored the warning signs and ultimately got burnt.

The Aries ruling planet is Mars, the God of War, Jake will not hold back his tongue in anger if the two remain un-coupled. According to Astroreveal, the independent nature of an Aries means Liberty will be shoved aside and unfortunately, may be forgotten as soon as he steps off that plane in the UK.

The West Country water engineer needs to prioritise himself and take up activities that he enjoys which is apparently going to the gym and exercising. The ripple effect of the break-up might not immediately hit an Aries, but upon igniting self-reflection he will grow to miss his ‘right arm’. Men can often avoid talk or express how they’re feeling, and Jake should talk to his peers which should help him get through the break-up.
Moving on is never easy for the Virgo heart, as they often romanticise relationships rather than seeing their partner for who they really are. Liberty fell for Jake’s potential, and the prospect of love, without seeing the reality.

However, due to Virgo’s analytical nature, Liberty’s rose-tinted glasses will continue to fade, as her doubt crept in, leading to her checking out of their relationship. Liberty needs to spend time with people she holds dearly, like her family and friends. Our broken-hearted islander should practice self-care and most importantly, cut the contact. She might be besotted with Jake now, but these activities will mentally benefit her in the long run on her return to normality.

When all is said and done, Liberty just needs to let go of control and have the ‘hot girl summer’ she deserved.”