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Intuitive Eating Pioneer Laura Thomas Brings Back Popular Podcast ‘Don’t Salt My Game’ with Live Recording and Audience Q and A

London Centre for Intuitive Eating (LCIE) founder Laura Thomas, PhD is joining forces with Intuitive Movement expert and author Tally Rye to bring back her much-loved podcast ‘Don’t Salt My Game’. Tickets are available for the live recording which takes place this Wednesday 19th January at 7pm, and audience members will have the chance to ask the duo questions.

Nutritionist Laura, author of two books ‘Just Eat It’ and ‘How to Just Eat It’, works with her specialist team at the LCIE’s recently opened premises to support women to have a more positive and harmonious relationship with food and their bodies through a framework called Intuitive Eating – a term which was coined in the 1990s but has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years, largely thanks to Laura’s work.

Intuitive Eating is a science-backed concept which promotes self-compassion and acceptance, equipping women with simple tools and techniques for a trusting, happy, and healthy relationship with food, by rejecting diet mentality and understanding the body’s hunger cues.

To celebrate the return of her hit podcast, ‘Don’t Salt My Game’ following a short hiatus after the birth of her first child, Laura is teaming up with Intuitive Movement expert Tally, author of book ‘Train Happy’ and host of a podcast dedicated to helping women a have a feel-good relationship towards fitness.

The crossover ‘Don’t Salt My Game X Train Happy’ podcast will be released in two parts and will see Tally interview Laura on how to support children to be Intuitive Eaters and have a positive relationship with food from an early age. Laura will also be interviewing Tally about Intuitive Movement and the pair will take questions submitted by the live audience.

Laura said: “Intuitive Eating can be such a liberating process, but it can also be really tricky if you feel like you’re fighting diet culture on your own.

“Having a podcast dedicated to supporting you on your journey makes you feel less alone and more empowered to take down diet culture. ‘Don’t Salt My Game’ is like having a little anti-diet cheerleader in your ear.”

Tally said: “It’s really great to collaborate with Laura who has been leading the charge against Diet Culture for years. Together we are hoping to bust myths and help people feel better about eating food and moving their body.”

The podcast will mark the official re-launch of ‘Don’t Salt My Game’ which has been driving the Intuitive Eating revolution since 2016, and sees Laura interview guests in wellness, from foodies, bloggers and entrepreneurs to nutritionists, doctors and anyone else shaking up the wellness world, to help the audience ‘do you, but better.’