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Introducing Vencasa – The UK’S DIY Marketplace for Selling Your Property

With the summer months often said to be an excellent time to sell a home, DIY property marketplace, Vencasa launches with ZERO listing fees until September 2022!

Planning to shake up the traditional way of selling a property, Vencasa is a dedicated marketplace for real estate that gives the seller full control. Helping UK homeowners sell directly online, this new platform offers a novel approach by cutting out the middleman and saving thousands in commission. And until September, every new listing is free.

Co-founded by Max Glencross (ex Jaguar Land Rover) and Ben Gamble (hospitality venue owner), Vencasa has ambitious growth plans, aiming to capture 10% of the market in its first 5 years. “With the rising cost of living, paying an estate agent thousands of pounds when selling your house is far from ideal. We have launched Vencasa to eliminate these costs and put the seller in the driver’s seat. Our aim is to do for houses, what Autotrader does for cars”, comments Max Glencross.

Providing a dedicated online marketplace for real estate, from September Vencasa will charge a small capped fee of £250 to advertise new properties. This flat rate allows sellers to budget more efficiently, saving the 1-2% commission usually charged on the sale price once complete. Homeowners deal directly with the buyer through a secure internal messaging system, giving them full ownership of viewings and negotiations to help them get a better price for their property.

“With few different ways to put your house on the market in the UK, the majority of which come with hidden extra costs and high commissions, we want to disrupt the sector with our new face-to-face model”, adds Ben Gamble.

Along with a more economical approach to selling a property, Vencasa is committed to helping the environment having partnered with Ecologi and pledging to plant 16 trees for each listing received.