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Introducing the new platform that provides the elderly with pen pals

Care home marketplace provider, Lottie has very recently introduced a letter-writing scheme that combats feelings of isolation amongst residents in care homes in an innovative way.

Using the search tool, users can be matched in seconds to a local home with residents happy to receive a letter from a new friend.

The penpals initiative was first launched after the pandemic to brighten the days of elderly residents by connecting local people with isolated seniors nearby through the lost art of letter-writing. Small acts of kindness like this can go a long way to helping our elderly feel like someone on the outside truly cares.

One resident, Lillian from Marham House Care Home said: “A letter makes you think someone is thinking of you. Somebody else is concerned for you. And that is very comforting.”

More residents describe how it feels to have a pen pal in this heartwarming video. Disclaimer: it’s a tear-jerker!

For those looking to develop a new friendship, here are some tips and advice for what to include in their special message.

Tell them why you are writing. What made you want to reach out? If you feel comfortable, share stories of your own family.

Include a picture. If you are happy to do so, sending a picture can help put a face to a name and help this person to form a relationship with you. It can make the message feel much more personal and real to help visualise the sender.

Ask them about themselves! This generation is eager to hear about the lives of family and others, but they have amazing stories to tell too, and it can be so heartwarming to know someone cares about how your day went too or to have someone ask how you are feeling. Ask away, so when your pen pal writes back, they can share their stories too.

Will Donnelly, Care Expert and Co-Founder at Lottie said: “Some days may feel lonely when you are living in a residential or care home and some days feel disconnected to the outside world.

“The pen pal scheme has brought a lot of happiness to residents, and we are hoping it’ll feel extra special to both the recipients and senders of pen pal letters.

“We’re calling on the public to nurture a pen pal friendship. Some readers will have lost grandparents and parents too early in life, or are estranged from family so we hope the scheme can help to bring joy to the elderly, making them feel special too.”