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Introducing Model Roz, Saudi Arabia’s first model

Model Roz has made a name for herself as Saudi Arabia’s first model. With 12.1 million followers on Instagram, Roz is living out the American Dream and breaking boundaries she once hoped to achieve by working with international brands including Victoria’s Secret, GUESS, Dolce & Gabbana, Kat Von D and Maybelline alongside Gigi Hadid.
Born in Medina and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Roz grew up in a conservative environment. She had ambitions to study interior design and took a leap of faith moving to the US. However, that dream took a turn when she found her love and true passion for beauty and fashion after attending several fashion shows.  It was during that time that she launched her Instagram account and quickly, the blonde beauty garnered not only millions of followers but also landed a modeling career.
What makes her stand out from other model/beauty influencers, is her engagement with her fans. Roz takes the time to not only share her projects on social media through photos and videos but also spends time offering advice and answering questions from fans. She believes that the loyalty that her fans have are based on the personal connection and authenticity they share with her. She has also inspired many aspiring models living in Saudi Arabia to feel liberated by showing their face on social media which is still considered a taboo.
Aside from modeling, Roz enjoys travelling and giving back to the community. She has previously supported organizations fighting for clean water around the world, planting trees in Saudi Arabia’s neighborhoods and speaks up when it comes to issues of civil and LGBTQ rights.