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How to work out your partner’s ring size without them knowing

Surprise proposals can be one of the most stressful things to organise, with decisions like what to wear, what to say and where to say it…all before even thinking about the ring!

If choosing between an emerald or princess cut isn’t difficult enough, those proposing also need to make sure the band will actually fit their partner’s finger.

Ethical jeweller Ingle & Rhode are providing their top tips to get your partner’s ring size for the sneakiest of budding romantics.

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Those aiming for the ultimate shock factor with their proposal must be clever when it comes to figuring out the ring size they need to buy.

This can be a tricky task, which experts claim can be achieved through a few different methods, including using string and tracing a ring from their collection.

Jeweller Tim Ingle, of Ingle & Rhode, said: “Surprising your partner with the engagement ring of their dreams is one of the most special feelings in the world, which can often be followed with a twinge of disappointment when you find out the ring doesn’t actually fit them!

“This is why we are sharing our top tips to find out your partner’s ring size without them knowing. For those living away from their partner or unable to try out any of the tips, always go for a bigger ring than you think, it is much easier to get ring made smaller than bigger”

These are Ingle & Rhode’s top tips:

Grab a pencil and paper

If you have access to your partner’s jewellery box, pick out a ring that looks similar in band width to the engagement ring you have been eyeing up. Once selected, draw around the ring with a pencil onto a piece of paper, sketching both the outside of the ring and the inside. Take this into your jeweller and they will be able to measure from there.

If there are a few rings to choose from, try to select a ring that you have previously seen them wear on their ring finger, so you know it is the perfect size!

The string technique

One to avoid if your partner is a light sleeper, this technique requires some stealthy moves. While your partner is deep asleep, take a piece of string and place it around their ring finger. Mark the point where the string meets and take this to your jeweller for the perfect fit.


If you are too cautious about waking their partner in the middle of the night while wrapping string around their finger, quickly grab one of your partners rings and press it into a piece of Play-Doh or soft wax.

Once the impression has been made, keep the Play-Doh safe and take it into your jewellers. This is a simple yet super effective way to get an accurate measurement.

Recruit help

Those living away from their partners will struggle to get their hands on a ring for comparison and should therefore look for help from their friends and family. Your partner’s parents may turn out to have a wealth of ring-size related knowledge. Ask if they have ever purchased a ring for your partner, how recent the purchase was and the size they went for.

Your partner’s friends may also be helpful. It might just be that your partner has given ring-related information to their friends in the chance that you would be going to them for answers one day! Just make sure anyone you are going to with the information that you are planning to propose will be able to keep the information to themselves, otherwise all of the snarling around has been for nothing!