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How to lose weight in time for the summer holidays: 10 top tips from the family who lost 15 stone between them

May is the ideal time to start dieting ready for the summer. With six weeks to go until the summer holidays, it’s relatively easy to drop a dress size before you hit the beach.

Now the DA Group founders have released a set of weight loss tips to help you get ready for the summer. The DA Group is a family run diet business founded by a family of four who lost 15 stone between them following the diet they created. DA diet plans are designed to be easy to follow, with no need to count calories. They encourage portion control and a healthy, balanced diet.

DA Group co-founder Emma Scrivener said:

“For many people, the summer holidays are a great motivator for weight loss – and with Christmas and Easter out of the way, the next few weeks are a great window of opportunity to shed weight with relatively few distractions

“My family and I all went on holiday after we lost 15 stone between us, and it felt like a double celebration of time together and goals achieved. Losing weight does not to be hard work – we devised the DA diets to fit into a normal daily routine and to ensure you don’t go hungry. Following our summer weight loss tips can help you focus on your goal and lose weight without having to buy special ingredients or go hungry.”

10 tips for reaching your ideal summer weight:

Set yourself a goal and write it down – for example, it could be to lose a stone by the end of June. Promise yourself a treat when you get there, such as new holiday clothes.
Clear out all naughty treats and stock up on healthy snacks that will support you on your diet.
Start the day with breakfast – this will stop you snacking mid-morning or eating too much for lunch.
Include protein in every meal. Proteins make you stay fuller for longer, so make sure every meal contains ingredients such as eggs, lean meat, seafood, cheese, nuts, beans, and pulses.
Record what you eat. A food diary is a great way to keep track of your food intake and will encourage you to skip unnecessary extras.
Distract yourself. Enjoying a new hobby, exercise or time with friends will help you keep your mind off food.
Cut down on alcohol. Alcohol is a major cause of weight gain – not only is it calorific, it also makes you feel hungry and because your body burns alcohol off first, it can stop your body burning off the food you have eaten.
Cut your portion sizes. It’s easy to keep eating once you are already full. Learn to listen to your body and stop eating when you feel full – and try using smaller bowls and plates to help you avoid dishing out too much food.
Cut back on refined carbs, fast foods, processed foods and sweetened foods and drinks.
Keep track of your weight. Hop on the scales once a week in the morning after emptying your bladder. This will give you the clearest view of the progress you are making