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How Much Bad Bacteria is in Your Bed?

Silentnight has teamed up with Bensons for Beds to produce a mattress collection that could actively protect against bad bacteria and germs which are known to make a home in our beds over years of sleep.

According to research conducted in the United States earlier this year, a typical seven-year-old mattress is likely to house over 16m bacteria, with 9m bacteria forming after only two years.

That’s a lot of bacteria in a bed that could be the cause of some unpleasant bouts of sickness and even nasty bouts of food poisoning, like bacilli and gram-positive cocci.

But at a time when everyone knows health and hygiene are vital, Silentnight has launched its new Sleep Healthy collection, available now exclusively at Bensons for Beds.

The new high performance, eco-friendly range features exclusive HeiQ Viroblock technology – ensuring the mattress is protected against microbes, germs and bacteria, to create an all-round fresher sleep surface for you and your family.

The unique antimicrobial* silver technology prevents growth of bacteria and microorganisms on the mattress surface, making it resistant to germs for an all-round better sleep.

Thanks to its Eco Comfort Fibres™, the new line from the UK’s most trusted sleep brand is also perfect for those who get hot during the night.

Made from recycled plastic bottles, the sustainable fibres are highly breathable so customers can enjoy a fresher and cooler night’s sleep.

And that’s not all. Silentnight’s Mirapocket® zoned support system offers luxurious comfort that’s tailored to each customer.

With individual, responsive pocket springs that conform and adjust to body weight, the Mirapocket® technology has been scientifically proven to improve spinal alignment and posture, so customers can say goodbye to niggling aches and pains.

Katherine Collins, Senior Brand Manager at Silentnight, said: “With 75 years’ expertise, we know how important cleanliness is to our customers and are thrilled to introduce our new Sleep Healthy collection exclusively at Bensons for Beds.

“Whether you’re a front, back or side sleeper, the new range consists of five different mattresses and offers something for everyone.

“It’s also perfect for those looking for sustainable sleep solutions; we are proud to save over 450 million plastic bottles entering the ocean each year thanks to our Eco Comfort Fibres™.”

The Sleep Healthy collection comes with a 5-year Silentnight Guarantee for your peace of mind.