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How Artists Can Ensure They Are Paid When Recording Remotely

Whether musicians are in a studio or sitting on the sofa at home during the pandemic, they need to make sure careful documentation is kept of what they write and record, and that the documentation is safely stored.

Efforts to store recording files and credit notes can be haphazard, leaving some musicians and songwriters to learn too late that their hard work went unrecognized and uncredited, says Deborah Fairchild, president of Nashville-based VEVA Sound (, which verifies and archives projects for clients in the music industry. “The bottom line is that without accurate credits, you cannot be paid for your participation in any project,” she says.

“As the industry evolves in this new normal, remote recording has become more of a trend,” Fairchild says. “That makes it perhaps more important than ever that everyone who creates music should have a streamlined way to ensure that their credits are accurate and their files are safe at every stage of the creative process.”

“We believe the best way to manage the nightmare of file and credit management is to collect the information at the time you are creating, whether you are writing a song or making a recording,” she says. “If there is a process in place to easily collect files and credits from the beginning of a project, the chances of inaccurate credits or missing files decreases drastically.”

About Deborah Fairchild

Deborah Fairchild, president of VEVA Sound (, started her career with the company as an archival engineer in 2004. In the past 16 years she has risen to lead the company in all facets of the business. She has grown VEVA into a global entity servicing major labels in North America and Europe, establishing offices in New York, Los Angeles, and London in addition to the company’s headquarters in Nashville. Fairchild has kept VEVA at the forefront of technology and continues to evolve and adapt VEVA’s services and technology to assist the needs of their extensive client base. She advises many label executives, producers, engineers and artists seeking archival and asset management solutions.