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With energy bills expected to soar by as much as 54 per cent this April following the increase of the energy price cap, more homeowners are planning for the future when choosing their new kitchens, turning to sustainable solutions to help keep their bills low.

In these uncertain times, the nation has started to future proof their homes by investing in smarter, greener kitchen appliances ahead of the impending surges in electricity bills and the National Insurance hike.

According to recent data, searches for ‘energy efficient kettles’ have increased by +100 per cent in the past 12 months, while searches for ‘green technology’ and ‘boiling hot water taps’ have increased by +80 per cent and +70 per cent respectively over the past 12 months, showing how the kitchen is at the forefront of homeowner’s minds when it comes to saving energy.

New research has revealed how 69 per cent of households are intending to make their homes greener and this is only on the rise; general opinion of green technology and home improvements is increasing, with 80 per cent of people saying they were now more inclined to make green home improvements than they were six months ago.*

Lizzie Beesley, Head of Design at Magnet, said: “We have seen a noticeable increase in enquiries for sustainably sourced kitchens over the past year, with homeowners looking to incorporate energy efficient appliances in their kitchens more than ever before.

“Sustainability is a crucial part of our quality promise at Magnet. All of our kitchen cabinets are made from Forest Stewardship Council® certified materials, making them as environmentally friendly as possible.

“Our kitchen designs are also often inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Our Scandi-inspired Nordic Nature range, for instance, hones in on the popular Scandinavian belief of looking after things, rather than continually buying brand new items.”

Top 10 ways to save energy in your new kitchen:

Choose Induction hobs – induction hobs use magnets to transfer heat efficiently
Turn off the electric vampires – appliances on standby still use energy
Become an expert at dishwasher stacking – only use when full
Boiling water taps – use energy to heat only the water you use
Set dishwashers and washing machines to a lower temperature to reduce CO2 emissions
Keep your freezer well-stocked, a full freezer uses less energy!
Use your pans properly – the right size and use the lids for faster more efficient cooking
Choose the right sized appliance for your family (or the size of your household) – generally the larger the appliance the more energy it uses
Check your seals – make sure your fridge and freezer seal properly
Plan ahead – defrost frozen food naturally and allow plenty of time

All of Magnet’s kitchens are built with purpose and design at their core, ensuring that they will stand the test of time. Magnet offers cabinet guarantees starting from 15 years and extending to a lifetime, helping to prevent unnecessary materials going to landfill and allowing its customers to enjoy their beautiful new kitchen for decades to come.